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Present violoncello
The girl from music school "Mokranjac" Belgrade, get violoncello like a present
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Enfants Planet Esperanca, humanitarian association, was created in 1990 to give the urgent help to the children of Romania (medicaments, personal medication…)

Very soon, the association proved that introducing children to the music and beautiful arts is very helpful and that it opened them the door of hope (Esperanza).

Today, the association has three objectives:

1. To give help to the children who need it the most (orphanes) by introducing them to the music and beautiful arts

2. To help the gifted children to promote their music talents by enabling them to participate on the national (Concours Jean-Sebastien Bach) and international concourses

3. To create the connections between the children and the artists from different countries through the music, universal language and "force of life".

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